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"This is a story of my family, and, really, the story of many families. It's everyone's story because we're all human. We all experience the depths of true emotion as we are led along the path of our days. And maybe, we all end up back where we first began." -Patty Ihm, a mother to many


Patty Ihm knows a thing or two about chaos. She's laid with the disarray that ensues in the trenches of motherhood, pondered questions of worthiness when she thought no one was listening, and ruminated in the dark as she examined the things that present themselves in the shadows. But she's also learned to find the glory in ungracious things, the power of surrendering to that which is uncontrollable, and the truth in knowing what she loves will always come back to her.


Isn't That Enough? Musings of Motherhood and the Meaning of Life is a memoir that openly discusses the challenges and revelations in parenting the children that have come to Patty's family through the child welfare system. Her journal entries take readers through various snapshots in time and space where she stirs in the vulnerable complexities of life and the emotions that encourage her to embrace all that may always be unknown.


It stays with you like a guiding light on your shoulders; empathizing and validating, calling you to lean into your introspective thoughts, supporting you to lead with the heart. Patty cuts her words free, vividly inviting you into her world as she expounds upon the revelations of her past to appreciate the beauty of all that is to come.

Isn't That Enough? Musings of Motherhood & the Meaning of Life

  • Genre: Memoir

    Pages: 294

    Release Date: January 17, 2023

    ISBN: 979-8986977102

    Publisher: Our Galaxy Publishing

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